Mind and Body

For 30 some years I have been studying, receiving and practicing all matter of healing modalities to regain my inner self for my journey.  

I have a cache to pull from in any given situation but in all matter of speaking I am an empath and with this I am able to know intuitively what I can best offer my clients.

I will submit a list of modalities here so you have a better understanding of all I may offer you.

Pyramid of Love – This is a system to use daily in any given situation to keep perspective on life. Powerful and healing tool. It is a tool to go through 7 layers of mind to come back to bliss in observing or feeling any given situation.

Reiki 3  – I use this more for distance healing and checking in with energy fields and grids

Body Talk Access– I use this for myself and anyone else who is in an emergency situation. A powerful tool using only your hands, left and right brain hemispheres and the thymus.  It takes someone immediately out of an emergency situation, not to substitute, but if you are in the woods and you are alone this works miracles. I have experienced it many many times and aided others.

Dowsing– One of my most favorite tools and one I use several times a day.the most used tools I have.

Thai Yoga Massage  – I completed my training in Thailand in 2003. As someone who has worked extensively with the body this is by far my favorite massage.

Thai Energy Bliss Massage – I created this out of the Thai Yoga Massage to exaggerate a part to open the meridian lines and open the channels for flow. Deeply relaxing and restorative.

Chakras – Revisiting this ancient art through a process that happened just by seeing it. I uncovered and learned to understand the system and in doing so created Chakra Kits that offer color, crystal and aromatherapy in eye pillows.

Feng Shui– Love the sense of energy in a home. So much can shift when we shift what is going on in our surrounding. I mostly sense this and use the basic bagua in relation to the main entrance of the home.

Spin it up – Another tool I learned to spin up our auric field which makes one a powerful creator and manifestor.

Inner Child Work– Uncovering where the pain begins encourages the adult in us to take over and reparent the child. Deep and transformative.

Brandon Bays– Although this process is long it is super powerful and I became a practitioner and had many a powerful experience receiving and offering it to others.

Hypnosis– I was fortunate to be trained by a doctor of hypnosis in a small town in Mexico. He taught me this in the EFI work you will read below.

Ormus– Another amazing gift from an alchemist in Canada who taught me how to create Ormus in Oil and Dew form.

Meditation– The ongoing process of settling the mind and using it as a tool rather than a self perpetuating machine running on its own accord. I started many many years ago with Transendental Meditation in Canada, Studied with Monks in Thailand and constantly uncover new ways to quiet the mind.

Yoga Teacher – While working at a fasting retreat in Portugal I furthered my studies in yoga. Coming from a dance and theatre background of the Alexander Technique, my innate ability to read my body language and others has served me well.


Energy Field Integration checks for energy blocks within organs or glands, clears the mental/emotional blocks in  deep trance(what my clients say is very deep and gentle) then receiving the tools to empower you  for your souls’ journey.  85% or higher of our inner issues are mental/emotional.  Clearing  the blocks,  from our past, enables us to move forward and take in more light and love. Now  is the  time to clear what does not serve us and benefit from  the energies that are infusing our planet. The energies are pushing us to deal with them.

After working with people with NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming), myself included, I know that it seems hard to make lasting changes and to face those places in our lives that are calling out to us.Working against us is a fundamental feeling that something is broken within us. It’s not. This is NOT who we are.


With NLP I use 4 modalities

1. New Behavior Generator

2. Time Line Therapy

3. Playing with Sub Modalities

4. Psychic Surgery

Who hasn’t buried a precious dream, suffered sadness and disappointment in relationships, made crappy choices, fallen into repetitive patterns, missed opportunities, hurt the ones we love, and failed to listen to our inner wisdom?
This is the time to seek and find the authentic self within, that inner wisdom. If you don’t take this journey when it comes to grab you, you will miss out on the potential of your full bloom, hidden in the current upheaval. Living life from your deepest truth, your innermost self is absolutely available to you.

BRIAN: My name is Brian and I had the good fortune of being in a group of friends who experienced ChaCha Chapins new  method of clearing emotional blocks. In my own case I have been working to clear the pockets of fear that have been stopping me from completing a long-term project. I have had lots of help in this area but it seemed as if the core issues were untouched, I felt stuck, dis-empowered  and a bit ashamed at myself. I had 5 blocks to clear and the changes started immediately. I noticed I had more energy, more excitement in finishing projects, my confidence has come back and I truly feel transformed into a new person!

 All of that was incredible, but the next weekend ChaCha gave a workshop where she gave us some tools to use whenever we need them, self trance work,  criteria of values  and an amazingly powerful piece of perfection she calls THE PYRAMID OF LOVE. Within hours of the workshop I had an epiphany which has literally changed my life, I realized something key which I had been struggling with for most of my life. All I can say is if you get the opportunity to work with ChaCha, you will not regret it, she has something special to share and I predict she will be getting very busy soon, everyone needs what she has to share, it is transformational.

Shelley: I am so glad I met you. I felt so good after our session, and I floated in a peaceful, trance-like state, all evening. The work continued after we parted.  Obviously it was a symbol of more stored past events, exiting my consciousness and body. It was coming out too fast for me to make out anything clearly. I also had no pain last night.I really enjoyed you and your energy and know you are a gift sent from the heavens. All my friends are wonderful but I found I could say anything to you.

Deb: Wanted you to know my body in seated meditation practice is much more comfortable since we “worked together” – and I sense more balanced alignment when I walk.  Thank you so incredibly much for the gifts you offer.

Michelle: Cha Cha is an incredible therapist not only have I experienced it first hand but have seen amazing transformations in others. Specifically with a women who I found incredible intense to be around.. After completion of her sessions with Cha Cha ..

the women was completely different in all aspect imaginable. I highly recommend Cha cha’s services .. She truly is a gift to humanity.
Cindy:  After clearing 4 blocks in my body, I am able to completely rotate my hip.
Sarah:  I have spent thousands of dollars on chiropractors over the years. ChaCha cleared 4 blocks and my body is aligned and I do not need to see the chiropractor anymore.  It was life changing for me.